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Adapted Recreational Equipment Fund


The Adapted Recreational Equipment fund is designed to provide bicycles, hand-cycles, scooters, sledges, etc. to persons with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus of all ages who are members in good standing with SBHANS and are residents of NS,NB,NL.


  1. The Adapted Recreational Equipment program will be advertised in the SBHANS newsletter and on the SBHANS website.
  2. This fund is for the use of members in good standing for at least one year with SBHANS who are residents of NS, NB, NL. Continuing to maintain a membership in good standing with SBHANS provides SBHANS with a history thus providing the review committees with more information when considering an application.
    Membership fees are kept low, however, if a member is unable to pay the membership fee on any given year, the fee will be waived. The member must complete the membership application form and submit it to SBHANS for processing.
  3. Members can apply every five years.
  4. An Adapted Recreational Equipment Fund Request Form must be completed and signed. The application must also include:
    a) Documentation of two individual price quotes for the model requested.
    b) A brochure or information sheet on the model requested.
    c) A letter from the applicant explaining why this particular model is best suited to them.
  5. Applicants will be dealt with on a first come basis and as the budget allows.
  6. This fund may cover up to the entire cost of the appropriate adapted equipment for the person receiving it. There will be a ceiling amount of $3,000. Individuals are encouraged to contribute financially to offset the cost. The equipment is to be appropriate to the age and ability of the person receiving it.
  7. Approved funds must be consumed within six (6) months of approval.
  8. The adapted equipment will become the property of the person receiving it.
  9. Recipients are asked to place a sponsor’s sticker on their “equipment” if applicable.
  10. The Executive of SBHANS will administer the fund. Applications will be considered at regular Executive Meetings.
  11. This fund will be shown separately in the SBHANS financial statements.
  12. The supplier of the Adapted Recreational Equipment will be the direct recipient of the approved funds.
SBHANS reserves the right to request more information and price quotes on any requests.

Click Here to download a request form



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