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Education Award(s) Guidelines

  1. All requests for applications and correspondence regarding the Education Award(s) should be directed to the Spina Bifida And Hydrocephalus Association of Nova Scotia, 15 Laura Drive, RR4 Eastern Passage, N.S. B3G 1K3.

  2. Applications should be made no later than the last Thursday in May

    OBJECTIVE: To encourage and support students with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus. To develop independence and responsibility for their future education. To assist students in pursuing higher education at university or other post secondary studies.
  3. VALUE: Up $1,000. To be given upon proof of registration from learning institute, with the money to be sent directly to the institute in the chosen applicant’s name.
  4. ELIGIBILITY: Open residents of NS, NB, NL, who have spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus and are a registered member in good standing, of SBHANS for at least one year. 
  5. WHERE VALID: Any accredited university or college which is affiliated with a university, technical or trade school, career institute or school of business.
  6. QUALIFICATIONS: Academic transcripts of last year of secondary school or post secondary institution. A cover letter from the applicant is requested.

    Letter of acceptance to Post Secondary program or proof of registration.

  7. RESPONSIBILITY OF RECIPIENT: Must be prepared to enter post secondary education in the year of application.
  8. ADMINISTRATION: Spina Bifida And Hydrocephalus Association of Nova Scotia
  9. METHOD OF APPLICATION: Application to be requested directly from the Spina Bifida And Hydrocephalus Association of Nova Scotia
  10. SELECTION PROCESS: The selection of the Education Award recipient(s) will be made by the SBHANS Executive Committee. The committee will not only take into consideration marks but will also consider such things as volunteer activities, motivation and goal setting.


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